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Home Ask the Experts Ask the Experts Could I have given my daughter HPV?

Could I have given my daughter HPV?

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Is it possible I gave my daughter HPV? I was diagnosed with HPV the year before I became pregnant but the doctor assured me I could not pass it to her. She is a young adult now, and her latest Pap test shows she still has mild dysplasia. Yet the doctor wants to wait 3 months before her next follow-up!

It is very unlikely that you are the source of your daughter’s HPV infection. Keep in mind that the virus is very common, and most sexually active individuals contract one or more HPV infections over their lifetimes. Neonatal transmission of HPV is indeed very rare, so much so that delivery by C-section is NOT recommended for mothers with HPV unless they have large lesions that are either bleeding at delivery or threaten to block the birth canal.

Neonatal transmission can (again, very rarely) manifest in laryngeal warts, a condition known as Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP) that’s related to the “low risk” HPV types associated with genital warts. Most cases are diagnosed by the age of six. So, it’s unlikely that she contracted an HPV infection from you.

As for her current care, the clinician’s decision to simply retest in three months is appropriate for your daughter’s age group. There is a good chance her HPV will clear spontaneously.