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Home Personal Perspectives Personal Perspectives HPV needs to become our MOST talked about STD

HPV needs to become our MOST talked about STD

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I am baffled when I think that up to 80% of sexually active people are infected with HPV, yet it is one the least talked about STDs. In fact, I never even knew the purpose of annual PAP tests until I was 29 years old, and diagnosed with high-risk HPV. While HPV is very common and not associated with promiscuity, I have found that many men consider infected women guilty of something.

I eventually met a man who only had one sexual partner and may not have ever been exposed to the virus. Before becoming intimate with this man, I told him about my HPV, certain that it would end the romantic prospects in our relationship. Amazingly, this man was not turned off in the least, and we had a beautiful relationship, until I moved away to take a new job. My next relationship was with a more experienced man who, while unsure about HPV, did not realize that he was likely already infected and once he came to terms with it, we shared a wonderful relationship.

HPV needs to become our MOST talked about STD. Maybe if I had known about HPV from the time I became sexually active, I would have been more careful and avoided infection.