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I wish I had been vaccinated

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Personal PerspectivesI just recently turned 18, and found out that I may have HPV. I still do not fully understand the disease, but I do know it is an STI. It’s frustrating because I know I could have been vaccinated for it, but I wasn't educated enough to do that. Please continue to educate both women and men on this issue, to let them know HPV affects almost everybody. Your website has helped me a lot and made me not feel so all alone, thank you.

Thanks for your post. You’re correct in that HPV affects almost everyone who is sexually active – both male and female- and it’s important to know about the vaccines that are available. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you would like to ask about anything related to HPV, or would just to find some support and chat a bit, we hope you’ll visit our HPV message board forums. --ed.