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Home Personal Perspectives Personal Perspectives I truly thought I had been “sentenced” to developing cancer

I truly thought I had been “sentenced” to developing cancer

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I am college student and have just been diagnosed with "high risk" HPV. I am going for a colposcopy soon and while I am still scared, the ASHA site allayed many of my fears. When I read that even "high- risk" HPV does not necessarily cause cancer, I was quite relieved, because I truly thought I had been “sentenced” to developing cancer.

My fiancé is the only sexual partner I have ever had and I never expected to get an STI with only having one partner. My fiancé and I were tested for her STIs before becoming sexually active because I just wanted peace-of-mind but I was not tested for HPV, and there is no screening for men. We have decided not to let this ruin our relationship. He attempted to comfort me by saying it must have been him that gave it to me, but I feel that blaming him for this is utterly pointless.

My biggest fear secondary to cancer is infertility, or not being able to carry babies to term. I intend to start a family after getting married, and I will truly be devastated if I cannot have children. Information on this subject is what I hope to gain at my next gynecologist visit, but any information from others would be greatly appreciated!

I think ASHA is a great resource, and I am an advocate for sharing personal stories with others: It can help relive stress. Thank you for listening to my story!