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Global Cancer Statistics: India Bears the Brunt Cervical Cancer Deaths

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The vast majority of deaths from cervical cancer occur in the developing world, with India bearing an astonishing 27% of the mortality from the disease, according to a report published in the American Cancer Society’s journal for clinicians, CA.

The report, Global Cancer Statistics, charts world-wide cancer incidence and mortality. As with many health conditions, gaping disparities in the burden of cancer exist between wealthy and poor nations, and this is revealed in even a quick look at the cervical cancer data revealed in the report:

  • Globally, cervical cancer ranks fourth as the cause of death from cancer in women
  • Approximately 85% of mortality from the disease occurs in developing nations. The highest rates of cervical cancer deaths are in Africa, South-Central Asia, and South America. woman

The authors say the dramatic burden of cervical cancer in these regions stems from the lack of wide-spread screening programs (such as Pap tests) that have so dramatically reduced rates of the disease in the U.S. and much of the developed world. The advent of cervical cancer vaccines is a potential bright spot on the horizon, but here too the authors caution that cost is a prime factor in whether or not the vaccines are delivered to those who need them most.

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