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All I want is to get better

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I’ve seen the commercials about an HPV vaccine and thought, "Wow, a sign of aging! Here they have a vaccine and I am outside of the recommended age range" (I am 28). I made a mental note to ask my doctor, at my next screening, if I could still have the vaccine. I had just had a Pap test three months prior and thought it odd I didn’t receive a post card saying everything’s okay, but was not too worried about following up since I am in a monogamous relationship and my last Pap was clear.

Sound familiar?

I have always gotten annual Paps, researched diseases, been in monogamous relationships, discussed sexual history and even been tested with partners before having sex without a condom. None of these things guarantee protection against HPV, of course. It turns out my Pap was slightly abnormal and I had another yeast infection. At this time I was treated for the yeast infection and told that everything was fine, not to worry about the slightly abnormal pap. I struggled for a year with monthly yeast infections. Every health professional telling me not to worry, anything can cause them. I insisted I was not prone to infections, that something was wrong.

Finally, I switched to an ob-gyn. Some people say they would rather have doctors that do not deal with pregnant women, others disagree. Just research your doctors as much as you can. I don’t know for sure if I have HPV, but the Pap suggested that I do. Next, I’m going for a colposcopy. I cried when they told me about the procedure. I was scared and tired of dealing with this. But whatever it turns out to be, all I want is to get better. Your site gives me hope and understanding to feel like I can.

--Submitted by a visitor to ASHAstd.org. Send your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .