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Home Personal Perspectives Personal Perspectives Genital Warts, Relationships, and Self-esteem.

Genital Warts, Relationships, and Self-esteem.

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About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with low-risk HPV and I had visible genital warts. Luckily, I finally got brave enough to go to the doctor and was put on a prescription cream that made the warts go away. I read up on genital warts and started doing all I could to boost my immune system. I quit smoking and started taking vitamins. A little over a year later I haven't had another episode of warts. So here is to hoping that it never comes back!

Now, just a note on the relationship side of dealing with genital warts: Since I've been clear of the warts I've had two partners and neither of them are showing any signs. I know this doesn't mean that they are HPV free, since it is so common and there is no guarantee that my body has cleared itself of the virus, but I do take it as a good sign. HPV isn't the end of our social or sex life. I was pretty depressed after finding out that I had HPV, but from reading posts from other people with the virus and learning more about it I've learned to deal with it. I told close friends that I had it in order to deal with it and I also told a few prospective lovers and current ones. The ones that truly had feelings for me accepted it and accepted me. They asked questions about it and I explained it as best I could and gave them resources so they could learn more about it.

All in all I just wanted to write this and hope it helps some people. Don't let HPV ruin your life. Always keep in mind that HPV is a very common STD and most people have already had it. Their immune systems just fought it off better, where ours couldn't.

--Email to the HPV Resource Center