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Home Personal Perspectives Personal Perspectives We're still trying to understand how this happened

We're still trying to understand how this happened

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Less than one week ago my husband asked me to look at something! He was having some rectal bleeding off and on for about a month, the first time I check I didn't see anything but about one month later I checked again and saw what I thought was skin tags.

Right away I went online and found that it might be anal warts! So the next day we went to the doctor and he confirmed it, anal warts, and proceed to treat by freezing the warts. He also told my husband how he caught HPV, through direct contact with someone who has the virus. My husband reacted with disbelief and shock, and we are still trying to cope /understand how this has happened to us (him). We have been married for 23 years with no other sex partners in our marriage. The doctor is doing some more tests, but he really thinks my husband has HPV and anal warts.


At first I wondered did he go outside of the marriage, then we sat down and had a long talk, that is when I realized he really didn't know anything about HPV or warts. My husband is still stunned that he has this, he is trying to think how else could he of caught this like a public restroom, but all the research says NO!

--Submitted by a website visitor

Anal warts are sometimes detected in those with no history of anal sex, but the exact route of transmission isn’t well defined. While most cases probably result from receptive anal intercourse, it’s possible that digital insertion poses a risk for HPV transmission. In terms of introducing HPV into the rectum via fingers, the risks may be more likely when warts are actually present at, or very near, the anus. The close proximity of a lesion (which is a reservoir of relatively large quantities of virus) may allow for the rectum to be exposed to infected skin cells by digital insertion, or perhaps through activities related to hygiene (such as wiping or cleaning). Also, perianal warts can develop from genital to anal contact without penetration, such as during sexual foreplay. --ed.