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One for the Boys

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ASHA Develops an HPV Publication for Men

We hear it all the time: why isn’t there more HPV information geared towards men? Beyond those diagnosed with HPV-associated diseases, men often seek information about the infection due to a partner’s diagnosis. It’s indisputable that men have questions about HPV, but clear answers are often in short supply. 
HPV: A Guide for Men

We listen to our public! ASHA’s latest brochure, HPV: A Guide for Men, offers a comprehensive “HPV 101” in a format designed to appeal to fellows. Whether as a patient or partner, this publication explains the basics of HPV infections to men including:

  • Transmission
  • Prevalence
  • Why there are no testing options approved for use with men in clinical settings
  • Vaccines
  • HPV-associated diseases
  • Risk reduction
  • HPV in relationships and what it means when your partner is diagnosed

Order a supply of this brochure through our secure, online webstore.